Ethics Violations Mounting against Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones

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Ethics Complaint being investigated by Office of Disciplinary Counsel

Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones has been notified of Ethics Investigation. Jones has been served with a Notice of Investigation by the West Virginia Ethics Commission in response to a complaint filed by Johnny Richards.

As the primary source of evidence against Prosecutor Jones, Richards has cited several current court cases on file at the Ritchie County Circuit Clerks Office.

Richards has also turned over several e-mail correspondences from a St. Marys Attorney that proves serious ethics violations against the Ritchie County Prosecutor.

On March 2, 2015, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel by letter has requested more information from Mr. Richards on certain subjects. Therefore, Mr. Richards is taking steps to amend his originally filed complaint and also present further evidence which proves ethics violations against Prosecutor Steven A. Jones.

Due Process Rights were violated by Prosecutor Jones and the Prosecutor also violated the Due Process Rights of several Defendants in an attempt to induce false statement and or perjury. Prosecutor Jones withheld case evidence collected by Trooper Jason L. Brewer, and has also been caught inducing perjured testimony from Trooper Brewer in another Ritchie County Court Case.

There has been a clear attempt to operate with the appearance of impropriety in the Judicial System in Ritchie County, West Virginia, as both Prosecutor Jones and Judge Timothy L. Sweeney have decided not to avoid the appearance of impropriety by deciding for themselves if anyone did anything wrong in their little group regarding the perjury committed by Trooper Jason L. Brewer and of course Prosecutor Jones who had information available to him indicating Trooper Brewer was lying to a Grand Jury but chose not to do anything about the perjury even after an indictment was secured against David Weekley in a Ritchie County Court Case where the perjury took place.

Judge Sweeney gave the appearance of impropriety by deciding that Prosecutor Jones did nothing wrong and Prosecutor Jones gave the appearance of impropriety by deciding that Trooper Jason Brewer did nothing wrong. Horse Pucky!

These officials cannot be trusted to police themselves. It is clear that a special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate both Prosecutor Jones and Trooper Brewer to determine if they should be prosecuted for law violations regarding their knowledge and or involvement in the perjury.


West Virginia State Police Fiddle Player Back in Jail

by Anonymous anonymous

The Investigation regarding the 2012 Burglary of the Harrisville State Police Evidence Room is complete: The Ritchie County Investigation Team has found beyond a shadow of a doubt that William Willis Estep II, “Billy” played Ritchie County Officials like a Fiddle and received a binding plea of probation on crimes he solely committed himself.

According to information that was received from the State in the discovery process, Billy admitted to Ritchie County Authorities that he committed more than a dozen serious felony crimes throughout a multi county area.

Kim Jacobs, Billy’s mother-in-law was mad at Billy for kicking her out of his Wood County Apartment. Kim, in return ratted on Billy for breaking into the Harrisville State Police Evidence Room and stealing drugs which went to support not only himself, but Brandy and Kim Jacobs drug addictions as well.

The Investigation also turned up hard evidence that Billy and the two Jacobs women had a little felony crime ring going on adjacent from Billy’s personal one man crime spree and their illegal activity left a paper trail to prove it. But, don’t worry… Billy already negotiated his plea deal which was approved by panic stricken Ritchie Officials as they were hurried with trying to cover up their own corruption for allegedly stealing evidence from their own evidence room.

But, hang on folks as Billy’s plea agreement has no language stating that Billy cannot be prosecuted for criminal acts either currently known or unknown to the State of West Virginia.

Billy is currently incarcerated in the Protective Custody Unit at North Central Regional Jail in Doddridge County. Billy’s Ritchie County Probation Officer filed a Motion with the Court to revoke Billy’s Ritchie County probation due to the new Domestic Battery charge and failed drug screens he recently received while on probation.

This present incarceration has caused Billy’s eyebrows to move together and he is focused. Folks who know Billy know as they are reading this article that Billy has jumped up on his Jail Bunk and is playing his Fiddle hard as Billy plans to beat the new domestic battery charge in Fayette County and has confidence that his plea agreement to provided false testimony to cover-up wrongful arrest and Official Corruption in Ritchie County Circuit Court will continued to keep him out of prison.

Steven A. Jones, Ritchie County Prosecutor cannot ask the Court to revoke Billy’s probation as Billy could be sent to prison and the corrupt officials plan to cover up the wrongful arrest and misconduct is over. Of course their scheme backfired over two years ago when arresting the innocent. Ritchie County Officials have found out that William “Billy” Estep is a professional Fiddle Player not a dumb Hill-Billy as he portrayed.


Posting a few comments received

In this article we are including just some recent comments received by the RitchieRailRoad.com website concerning the WV State Police, Trooper Brewer and Steven A. Jones regarding the Post: Information Wanted on West Virginia State Trooper Jason L. Brewer regarding the Criminal Acts of Perjury and other Crime
Anonymous # 5 > “Well that’s what happens when society allows the use of government sanctioned thugs!”
Anonymous # 9 > “We’ve investigated ourselves and we have come to the determination that we didn’t do anything wrong – West Virginia State Police.”
Anonymous # 12 > “Ritchie County Prosecutor Steven Jones made the decision not to charge Trooper Brewer for perjury swiftly and effectively Lol.”
Anonymous # 17 > “If there are any good police officers within the WVSP why aren’t they publicly speaking out about the crimes their colleagues are committing? They are JUST AS GUILTY by remaining silent. So to all police officers who like to claim that you are a good cop, unless you’re exposing corruption in your department, you’re just as bad as the cops who are breaking the law at will.”
Anonymous # 22 > “Because when you rat out a gang member they kill you for it.”
Anonymous # 27 > “We investigated ourselves… and we found we did nothing wrong.”
Anonymous # 32 > “They have been lying for years now their starting to get caught. We all know what’s gonna happen next!”
Anonymous # 46 > “Why is it that we don’t do something about the police investigating itself long before now?”
The identities of the commenters will remain anonymous and will only be posted as Anonymous to protect them from WV State Police harassment. Although we may not post every comment please continue providing you information of support and airing your opion on subject matter. Thanks!

Information Wanted on West Virginia State Trooper Jason L. Brewer regarding the Criminal Acts of Perjury and other Crime

The controversy is growing regarding State Police Trooper Jason L. Brewer’s criminal act of committing perjury in giving false testimony to a Ritchie County Grand Jury. Trooper Brewer’s false testimony secured an indictment against suspended Ritchie County High School teacher, David Peter Weekley, 43, of Pennsboro. Judge Timothy L. Sweeney dismiss the indictment on November 25, 2014 in light of Trooper Jason L. Brewer’s alleged perjury in the case.

Citizens are in an uproar as State Police claim they are not investigating the accusations of Trooper misconduct, and Prosecutor Steven A. Jones has stated that he does not plan to prosecute Trooper Brewer for the perjury.

Many people have provided private comment on the RitchieRailRoad that Steven A. Jones has a duty to request the WV Prosecuting Attorneys Institute to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Trooper Brewer’s misconduct to determine if charges should be filed against the Trooper.

Johnny Richards has reported to us that Trooper Brewer also committed perjury in Senior Status Judge Larry V. Starcher’s Court back in March 2013 regarding matters of the Harrisville State Police Burglary Case. Transcripts are being secured from Judge Starcher’s Personal Court Reporter and this writer believes that once the perjury information is presented to Judge Starcher showing that Trooper Brewer lied in his Court, Judge Starcher will take swift action to see Trooper Brewer is arrested and charged accordingly.

The Ritchie County Investigation Team has also secured information of Trooper Brewer allegedly committing perjury in yet another case in the Ritchie County Circuit Court. All perjury information and evidence regarding Trooper Brewer is being prepared for submission to proper authorities.

Anyone with additional information regarding misconduct of West Virginia State Trooper Jason L. Brewer please send us your information by using our Comment Section at the end of any article on this site. As per our policythe identities of the commenters will remain anonymous and will not be published.


Keep the information rolling in!

For those of you who have submitted information, we thank you!
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Breaking News- – West Virginia State Police

Information and evidence has been submitted to the RitchieRailRoad indicating that the U.S. Attorney’s Office is actively collaborating with one of the defendants in the Harrisville State Police Burglary Case. Information indicates that a disgruntled State Trooper and an ex-prosecuting attorney has caused the latest development in the case.
More to follow.

Is Steven A. Jones going to Cover-Up or Clean-Up Official Corruption in Ritchie Co.

by Anonymousanonymous1

The West Virginia State Police Organization has a lot of outstanding Police Officers who are loaded with professionalism and integrity. However, when an organization as large as the WVSP is forced to allow unfit officers to slither through the screening process due to a low turnout of applicants the Organization suffers as well as the Public. State Government need to greatly improve the salary and benefits of the Men and Women who are the backbone of Law Enforcement (The West Virginia State Trooper.)

In late 2012 a few Rogue State Police Officers undermined the criminal justice system while supposedly cooperating with ex- Ritchie County Prosecutor, Judith A. McCullough. It seems those State Troopers along with Judith McCullough have no integrity and no evident shred of public contrition for their purported criminal conduct in the 2012 Harrisville State Police Burglary Case.

Although, self-reported criminal and State witness, William Willis Estep II was caught on State Police Security Video physically driving up and stopping within feet of the front entrance of the Harrisville State Police Headquarters over an hour before power was cut at the Headquarters. It is reported that a few Rogue State Police have altered the Security Video which now only allegedly shows the vehicle Mr. Estep was operating at an earlier time in the security video driving by the Headquarters at a distance just shortly before the power was cut and the security camera went blank.

The alleged Harrisville State Police Security Video in question is reported as being altered and intentionally distorted, but State Police are now claiming they can’t even save the video to disk for review by the defendant’s attorney. This is effectively denying Defense Counsel the opportunity to have Footage of the State Police Security Video in question examined for alteration, missing segments, and to use for impeachment purposes.

It is understood that Judith A. McCullough who was acting prosecutor in 2012 during the time of the burglary of the Harrisville State Police Headquarters requested cooperation from the State Police to alter or destroy the security video as she had already released statements to State Media Outlets regarding their witness, Mr. Estep who confessed to committing the burglary of the Headquarters and who had made other irreparable or non-retractable statements.

Even though evidence clearly show Mr. Estep single-handedly committed the Burglary of the State Police Headquarters in Harrisville, Mr. Estep provided a statement with different details than was captured by the Harrisville Security Video System at the Headquarters on the night of the burglary.

Ex-prosecutor McCullough boasted that witness, William Willis Estep II gave information about the burglary “that only the perpetrator would know.” Now, since the State Police Security Video would clearly dispute Witness Estep’s Statement and possible Testimony, State Police have denied even a glimpse of any part of the Video in question, and current Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones may be stonewalling or refusing the release of the Security Video that will prove a crime ring between Rogue Officers at the Harrisville State Police Headquarters and ex-prosecutor Judith McCullough.

This case is clearly a sham which has risen to the level of Federally Protected Civil, and Constitutional Rights Violations committed by a few Rogue West Virginia State Troopers and the Ritchie County Prosecutor’s Office.

There have been several occurrences of intentionally and willfully withholding or hiding exculpatory evidence from the Defendants in the case by not only the WV State Police but ex-prosecutor Judith McCullough who is believed to have committed misconduct when trying to use the case to gain public election to the Prosecutor’s Office which she failed miserably.

Now, the current Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Steven A. Jones has been trying to catchup with evidence Trooper Jason Brewer withheld from him throughout the case. Now, it is on Prosecutor Jones to either clean-up or cover-up the alleged criminal acts committed by not only State Police involved with the case and the pervious Prosecuting Attorney, who is also believed to have assistance State Police with falsifying DNA evidence which was also falsely and wrongfully obtain from personal belongings of at least two of the Defendants in the case in order for the State Police’s own Forensic Lab to claim a DNA match with the alleged crime scene.

So yes, members of the Harrisville State Police and ex-prosecuting attorney, Judith McCullough are being look at and may face Indictment for fabricating DNA evidence as well as hiding and or destroying exculpatory case evidence.

The interesting question floating around the State is: Does the Ritchie County State Police and Judith McCullough consider their Corruption Ring Untouchable, and out of reach of Federal Indictment.

Present by: by Anonymous & The Ritchie County Investigation Team