WV State Police Crime Lab Excepting & Producing Bogus Reports – Prosecuting Attorney Billowing Out Smoke Screen

WV State Police Crime Lab Excepting & Producing Bogus Reportsanonymous

by Anonymous

The “RitchieRailRoad.com Website” is now under the control and direction of New Editor(s) who are focusing its resources and information of facts received from known and unknown allies to educate Property Owners and good folks in Ritchie County, West Virginia of transgression by Public Officials in Ritchie County.

A private analysis of alleged State Police Evidence must be reviewed which may just blow the lid off the Prosecutor’s and the State Police Corruption Ring.

This Draft Report is about who is involved with corruption within the walls of the Ritchie County Prosecutor’s Office THEN and NOW. “Then” being ex-Ritchie County Prosecutor, Judith A. McCullough who knowingly and willingly worked with the lower ranks of the West Virginia State Police, Harrisville Detachment where ex-prosecutor Judith McCullough is suspected of assisting Harrisville State Police, Troopers C. E. Boring, J. L. Brewer and C.S. Jackson with falsifying and manufacturing evidence which was at some point allegedly sent to the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab to falsely but Forensically declare a match in the October 30, 2012 State Police Burglary Case. We agree a match has been reported by the State Police Crime Lab. However, this match has been reported to us as a fabricated match. The West Virginia State Police Crime Lab is also suspected of doctoring the Date and Time of the assumed Case Submission Form (4230-10809) which again, was allegedly submitted to the WV State Police’s very own Crime Lab.

The RitchieRailRoad and the Ritchie County Investigation Team would like to provide some proven and documented facts of corruption committed by the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab, not just one instance of WV State Police Crime Lab misconduct but numerous counts of corruption, bad faith and malicious intent dealing with false and falsified reports, bogus testing and other criminal behavior committed by the WV State Police Crime Lab. Here it is:

The West Virginia State Police Crime Lab has a long record for intentionally falsifying and fabricating evidence against defendants. In recent years, a special commission convened by order of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals investigated the West Virginia State Police Crime Laboratory. As a result of this investigation, the WV State Supreme Court ruled that more than 130 cases which involved information and evidence tested by the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab was NOT credible.

The quantity and quality of documentation required by laboratory quality assurance/quality control protocols should preclude the wholesale falsification of test results. However, this is clearly the WV State Police working for the WV State Police, the Good Ole Boy System if you want to call it that.

The West Virginia State Police are alleging that their very own State Police Crime Laboratory has made a DNA Profile Match with the DNA of David Carl Wine and William Willis Estep II. State Police claim that shortly after a B&E at the Ritchie County State Police Detachment, they collected swab swipe samples from an Evidence Room Door and other items at the Harrisville State Police Detachment that was breached by the perpetrator or perpetrator(s). In the same breath, the WV State Police Crime Lab seems to be claiming that there may not be any sample left for further testing. At this point it is not clear if the entire sample has been used up or not. This effectively means Mr. Wine and Mr. Estep will be denied the opportunity to have samples tested by an independent laboratory. The only clear conclusion that can be drawn from this information is that the West Virginia State Police are using their very own forensic lab to falsify DNA evidence against Wine and Estep.

Now, at this point we must tell our readers that Mr. William Willis Estep II, nearly two weeks after the alleged crime and shortly after being questioned by State Police where Mr. Estep was allegedly coerced with a bogus DNA match by State Police and further being promised a plea where the Judge could only sentence him to probation (binding plea) Mr. Estep did sign the probation plea with the same prosecutor who denied Mr. Estep full discovery which would have provided Mr. Estep with crucial evidence which proved Mr. Estep’s statement and plea was wrongfully coerced when the State Police and the Prosecutor withheld Video Evidence that show State Police approaching Mr. Estep in a threatening manner while in custody which was shortly before Mr. Estep gave what was reported by State Police as a full non-coerced confession. Now, either the West Virginia State Police did not tell the Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones about the Video evidence or the Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones has denied full discovery to Mr. Estep. That’s right; we are all wondering what else is the State Police and the Prosecutor’s Office concealing? …Misconduct at the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab?

The Ritchie County Investigation Team believes there is new technology that will not only prove that WV State Police DNA evidence against Wine and Estep was falsified, but also, independent investigating and testing will show how the falsified evidence was created and the procedures used by State Police to fraudulently submit the bogus samples on a bogus Date to the State Police Crime Lab. Further investigation will also give evidence of whom and how many individuals conspired to falsify and fabricate evidence against at least two of the Defendant’s in State Police Burglary case.

DNA Science of the current date only requires minuscule quantities of a DNA specimen for testing. However, the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab would want one to think all specimens were used up during their in-house testing. The testing procedures used by the WV State Police Crime Lab to test the samples, most certainly should have allow the preservation of sufficient DNA for independent Laboratory testing. Yes, this is very suspect… With that said, the timing of the alleged DNA testing is also suspect, as Mr. Wine and Mr. Estep are both convicted Felons and their DNA Profile was in the State’s DNA Data Base pursuant to their previous Felony convictions. Therefore, if State Police would have discovered and collected alleged samples from the crime scene they could have simply entered the DNA collected at the supposed crime scene into the Data Base and a match would have been discovered. However, State Police only submitted samples to their very own Crime Lab only after Mr. Wine and Mr. Estep were arrested and only after both men’s home and personal belonging were searched on two separate occasions. Yes, now you can draw your own conclusion from this information on how the West Virginia State Police and their Crime Lab came up with their samples and the so-called MATCH.

During the 1980s, and 90s and even today Prosecutors across West Virginia lined up to use the WV State Police Crime Lab to wrongfully convict innocent defendants based on false testimony and fabricated test results cooked up by State Police and their State Police Crime Lab. In nearly all cases, which involved false and fabricated test results, defense attorney’s failed to consult competent scientific experts to examine alleged evidence. Mr. Wine’s attorney, Mr. Wells Dillon is set to employ scientific experts to disprove the fabricated evidence of the WV State Police and their made to order Crime Lab results.

One has to reflect on the likelihood that numerous innocent persons are presently incarcerated because of Rogue State Police and the inadequacy of some defense attorneys.

In the case at hand, technology can be used within the existing legal framework to stop the injustice being committed by the NOW Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. Steven A. Jones and the West Virginia State Police.

The Corruption Flag is flying high in Ritchie County, West Virginia as Steven A. Jones and the West Virginia State Police have already got caught in wrongdoing not to mention denying full discovery and hiding exculpatory video evidence from the Defendants.