The West Virginia State Police Arrest of Two Men In The October, 2012 Burglary Of The Harrisville State Police Detachment – A Green Shirt Sham – State Police Witness a Clever One Man Crime Spree.

The Ritchie County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Steve A. Jones is believed to be working to Cover-up West Virginia State Police corruption. Prosecutor Jones is also believed to be assisting the West Virginia State Police, Trooper Jason L. Brewer and Criminal Defendant, Mr. William Willis Estep II to polish their fabricated story where they are claiming that two other people were involved with assisting and/or committing crimes with Mr. Estep to help support Mr. Estep’s drug habit.

Mr. Estep in one crime is reported to have broken into the State Police Detachment in Harrisville, Ritchie County, West Virginia to obtain drugs from the evidence locker. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. William Willis Estep II gave police details of crime that only the perpetrator would know.

Well Prosecutor that is right and Mr. Estep is the perpetrator that has the details of the crimes he committed, as he is the only person that committed the numerous crimes in what will prove to be Mr. Estep’s very own one man crime spree.

Felon Billy

William Willis Estep II pictured above is a One Man Crime Spree, Convicted Felon, Career Thief, Liar & Drug Addict…

The following information is another crime Mr. William Estep was arrested, charged and convicted of in the recent past. Due to the circumstances of that crime, Mr. Estep was facing 4 to 35 years in prison. However, Mr. Estep took a plea deal in which he was placed on probation. During Mr. Estep’s probation period, he violated the terms and conditions of his probation on numerous occasions with very little ramifications regarding his misconduct and law violations.

It appears that Mr. Estep was caught Red-Handed regarding the October 30th and 31st 2012 break-in at the Harrisville State Police Detachment. Although, State Police performed an illegal search and seizure on Mr. Estep’s apartment (warrantless or worthless search warrant) where State Police according to their own reports, found crow bars under Mr. Estep’s couch, drugs and drug paraphernalia throughout his apartment as well as evidence of other crimes. However, Mr. Estep when first questioned said he knew nothing about the State Police Break-in and even requested an attorney.

State Police removed Mr. Estep from his apartment placed him in custody in the Rental Facilities private Laundry Room where Surveillance Video clearly shows Mr. Estep in custody and being questioned for nearly Three (3) hours before Trooper’s C. S. Jackson and J. L. Brewer  went over D.P.S. Form 79 (Interview and Miranda Rights Form) with Mr. Estep.

Mr. Estep in Black Hoodie after State Police removed him from his apartment and placed him in custody in Private Laundry Room.

Mr. Estep in Black Hoodie after State Police removed him from his apartment and placed him in custody in Private Laundry Room.

D.P.S. Form #79 has been secured from the State by means of the Discovery process by all Defendants. This Form DPS#79 provides information that Mr. William Willis Estep II was allegedly provided a Miranda Rights Form at 12:38 a.m. on November 15, 2012 and at that time Mr. Estep allegedly gave a full confession.

Troopers Jackson and Brewer are claiming that Mr. Estep did willingly, knowingly, and intelligently waive his right to be represented by counsel during the questioning which lead to the alleged full confession.

At this point the Ritchie Rail Road and their investigation team are concerned that police reports are not adding up with known video/audio surveillance evidence.

Again, the Miranda warning and statement of confession, whether willful, under coercion or threat, according to the Troopers commenced at 12:38 a.m. on November 15, 2012. However video footage paints a much different picture, showing State Police escorting Mr. Estep into the Laundry Room before 10:00 p.m. on November 14, 2012. Thereafter, two to three Troopers stayed in the Laundry Room with Mr. Estep who was sitting on a wooden Stool in the corner. Mr. Estep was not allowed to leave to get a drink, use the restroom nor did he leave the Stool at anytime during nearly 2 and ½ hours of questioning about the State Police Break-in and other evidence of crime allegedly found in Mr. Estep’s rental unit at 820 Apt. # 1.

At the time the Troopers prepared their Reports in the case, they were indeed aware that the Laundry Room had a security camera mounted on the wall, but Mr. Estep conveniently informed the Troopers that the Camera was not connected to a recording device. However, the security system cameras around the property (three in all) one being in the Laundry Room, were motion activated. Furthermore, the cameras were part of a digital security system that recorded any audio/video activity that was detectable within a 50 foot range.

Cpl. C.A. Blevins working as an agent with PNTF and other Agents from the West Virginia State Police participated in the search of the Richards property and also participated in the search and seizure of Mr. Estep’s apartment.

On November 15, 2012, Cpl. Blevins completed an investigation report dated 11/15/2012 regarding the Breaking and Entering of the West Virginia State Police detachment and provided information on the date and time he and other agents served a search warrant on Mr. William W. Estep’s apartment.

Cpl. Blevins report listed as Detachment File Number 12R-158, corresponds with security system recordings that show the agents arrived and placed Mr. Estep in custody in the Laundry Room at 9:45 p.m. on November 14, 2012. Now, let’s remember that Troopers Jackson and Brewer provided Mr. Estep with Miranda Warning and starting attaining a statement from Mr. Estep at 12:38 a.m. on November 15, 2012.

For now, we are not going to mention anything further regarding the lengthy video recordings, or a separate audio recording which may or will dispute police testimony at some point in the case. We are waiting for Troopers to take the witness stand where they will be testifying under oath during Suppression Hearing(s) in the case. Court Rules require each side of a case to turn over (disclose) any and all evidence that is intended for use at trial in the case. However, we believe the West Virginia State Police by virtue of them being Law Enforcement Officers they are expected to tell the truth on the Witness Stand. Therefore, due to their truthfulness and being such an outstanding police organization; we will not need to disclose evidence. State Police will simply tell the truth regarding their investigation of the case. However, at any point during a Suppression Hearing or at Trial, where it has been discovered that false testimony or false facts have been presented to the Court through testimony and Defense Counsel by virtue of the false testimony has become aware of evidence that can impeach the testimony of the State Police or State Witness, Mr. William Willis Estep II, such evidence is called “Newly Discovered Evidence” and upon making Motion to the Court the newly discovered evidence can be admitted into evidence.

SP Office Harrisville WV

Proven Drug Addict/Convicted Burglar William Willis Estep II used the West Virginia State Police Detachment at 32 Ford Street, Harrisville, West Virginia 26362 (pictured above) as his very own personal Crack Shack. According to police reports obtained through discovered, State Police indicate various types of prescription and non prescription medications as well as other numerous sorts of illegal drugs are kept in the building.

Therefore, back to information concerning Mr. William Willis Estep II and his amazing story which will clearly be discredited with witness testimony and hard evidence. You see, Mr. Estep did not come up with his amazing story on his own. Mr. Estep had help from West Virginia State Police either directly or indirectly, not just with their leading questions of facts or misleading facts, but with information from State Police where they told Mr. Estep that Ms. Kim Jacobs had contacted police claiming that Mr. Estep told Kim Jacobs and her daughter Brandy Jacobs on the night of October 30, 2012 that he was “going to work” with John and Dave. Although according to Statements obtained from both women by State Police, neither Kim Jacobs nor Brandy Jacobs even after being specifically asked by the Police if they saw who Mr. Estep departed with or came back home with, both women reported during their statement not seeing Mr. Estep leave or come back with anyone on the night in question.

Both women had clearly assumed Mr. Estep was going to work with John and/or Dave as John and Dave have a shop within walking distance of Mr. Estep’s apartment where the two were working on a Tractor Transmission in their shop, where said work continued until about 1:30 a.m. on the morning of October 31, 2012. Over 5 hours of video footages was caught on the security surveillance system installed in three locations around the Rental Property, and has been secure by case attorneys.

With-out-a-doubt, Kimberly Lynn Jacobs got the ball rolling for the wrongful arrest of John Richards and David Wine. Kim Jacobs was under the false impression when she believed Mr. Estep was “going to work” with John and Dave on the evening of October 30, 2012.

According to a statement made by Kim Jacobs which was taken by F/Sgt. M. L. Oglesby of the West Virginia State Police, Mr. Estep came home early the next morning with “a bag full of drugs. He had marijuana, Meth, pills and I’m not sure what else in the bag”… According to Kim Jacobs’s daughter Brandy Louise Jacobs of which is Mr. William Willis Estep’s girlfriend, Brandy Jacobs gave a Statement which was taken by CPL. C. J. Weekley of the West Virginia State Police where Brandy Jacobs says that when Mr. Estep came home he handed her $50 and handed her “like a little bit of Pot”.

During the next week or so, the Jacobs women and Mr. Estep got strung-out on the drugs Mr. Estep was providing. The trio began fighting amongst themselves and when another apartment Tenant complained to John Richards that Kim Jacobs had threaten her, John Richards went to Mr. Estep’s apartment and verbally informed Mr. Estep that Kim Jacobs would have to leave as she was not on any contract as living there.

Mr. Estep had been working for John Richards and his Father for around 6 or 7 months bartering for a reduction in his rent. John Richards and Dave Wine were working on a garage door in front of John’s home when Mr. Estep drove in the Driveway alone and parked. John told Mr. Estep to wait a minute, and went inside his home and retrieved an Eviction Notice that he had prepared early that day for Mr. Estep. The Eviction Notice was dated November 11, 2012 and gave Mr. Estep 30 days to move out. Mr. Estep became angry and starting cussing and threw the Notice on the ground and yelled you just want Dave to have my apartment and Job. Well, that was somewhat true as John and his Father were going to hire David Wine to perform work and maintenance around the rental property and give him a cut on his rent if Dave chooses to move into an apartment. Knowing these facts Mr. Estep was eager to place false blame on John and Dave when police showed up a few days later where police basically caught Mr. Estep red-handed with evidence of his crime spree spread about in his apartment.

Notice 11-11-2012

John Richards had no choice but terminate Mr. Estep’s Rental Contract as Mr. Estep was slacking on his work responsibility and allowing three adults as well as two children to live in his One (1) bedroom apartment and Mr. Estep nor his guests were getting along with other tenants.

Mr. Estep was strung-out when he kicks his girlfriend’s mother (Kim Jacobs) out of his apartment giving her 5 minutes to get out. A few days later when Kim Jacobs came down from being high on Pills, Meth and possibly Bath Salts that Mr. Estep had been sharing with both the Jacobs women, Kim Jacobs did what any law abiding citizen would do after the drugs ran-out and after being kicked-out… On November 14, 2012, Ms. Kimberly Lynn Jacobs reported what she had known for over two weeks to the State Police, and that was the fact that Mr. William Willis Estep II burglarized the WV State Police Office in Harrisville, WV.

Mrs. Kim Jacobs informed State Police that her Daughter and her Boyfriend (William “Billy” Estep) did the crime, possibly with two other guys who she only knew by their first names of John and Dave. This simple statement by Kim Jacobs sent the bewildered soiled panties State Police on a mission to break-in-to John Richards’ home without proper “knock and announce notice”, without search warrant, and ordered Mr. Richards to the floor and further conducted a search and seizer of items without providing any property receipts for the items they seized. Matter of FACT State Police did not seize any items involving any crime or items that were associated with any crime at either Richards or the Wine property.

The Ritchie Investigation Team who are involved with this website, feel the warrantless search of the Richards’ property was unreasonable and unconstitutional, but rather was executed by Rogue Cops that were angry and wanted to “get someone” for breaking into and robbing their candy/crack shack.

So, YES the Ritchie County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Steven A. Jones and the Ritchie County Circuit Court Judge, Timothy L. Sweeney is conspiring to cover-up West Virginia State Police Corruption in the case.

Mr. Estep while being detained by State Police in the Laundry Room had some very important time to think of his amazing story. With State Police asking Mr. Estep leading questions and leaking bits of information about what they potentially knew about the crime and Mr. Estep further learning that the State Police wanted to cheerfully and wrongfully pin the crime on John Richards and Dave Wine, Mr. Estep’s creative mind sprang into action putting together a story to get himself out of the trouble he solely caused himself.

With police actively searching Mr. Estep’s apartment and seizing numerous items involving crime, Mr. Estep must have felt the walls closing in on him which would end his personal crime spree. At that point Mr. Estep found himself moving slow but thinking fast. Mr. Estep used his quick thinking ability to vault himself in a zone several steps ahead of Troopers Brewer and Jackson. With the Troopers pressuring Mr. Estep for nearly 3 hours to wrongfully implicate Richards and Wine, Mr. Estep easily decided to provide the Troopers with a story that they indicated would reflect a very favorable light on him being released on a low bond and the way the Troopers were drooling at the mouth, and wringing their hands, a most spectacular plea deal would certainly follow.

Therefore, fifteen days after the Harrisville Detachment was burglarized, Mr. William Willis Estep II at 12:38 a.m. on November 15, 2012 provided a thoroughly-thought-out and well rehearsed False Statement. Mr. Estep provided a full confession, which made Troopers J.L. Brewer and C.S. Jackson smile like two coons in a corn field.RitchieRailRoad.com

With the false statement in-hand, Trooper Brewer caused the arrest of Mr. Estep, Mr. Richards and Mr. Wine on Five (5) felony Counts each. The Troopers held up to their end of the False Statement  Scheme/promise, as Troopers arranged for Mr. Estep to be released on a $15,000 Bond shortly after his arrest. Richards and Wine had their Bond set at $100, 000 each and thereafter both posted bond in the matter. Neither Wine nor Richards gave a Statement to police.

On November 18, 2013 both Wine and Richards were subjected to misconduct (ethics violations) by the Ritchie County Prosecutors Office. Prosecutor Steven A. Jones, during a Status Hearing for Mr. David Wine made argument to Judge Sweeney to revoked Mr. Wine’s bond claiming Mr. Wine had been arrested and charged with a firearms violation since his release on bond in the case. Judge Sweeney without documentation or proof revoked Mr. Wine’s bond and jailed him in the Regional Jail. (The information about Mr. Wine being arrested on a Firearms violations was a total fabrication, yes a lie presented to Judge Sweeney by Prosecutor Jones). A few hours later on the same day, Mr. Richards showed up for a scheduled hearing and Prosecutor Jones once again made statements to Judge Sweeney claiming that he may motion the Court to have Mr. Richards’s bond revoked, further providing false statements to Judge Sweeney that Mr. Richards has been charged with additional crimes since his release on bond in the case. Again, Prosecutor Jones was making erroneous statements to Judge Sweeney.

Mr. Estep is somewhat intelligent, as he scored reasonable high on his GED test a short while back. Mr. Estep knew he was up the creek without a paddle and he also knew he needed to provide more false but believable information to police about other alleged crime to make himself worth more to Rogue Cop Jason L. Brewer.

Cpl. Brewer is believed to have been using his corrupt tactics in working toward department promotions which has secured his current position as Corporal within the ranks of the West Virginia State Police. Cpl. Brewer is believed to have coerced and encouraged Mr. Estep to continue his fabricated and false statements against John and Dave.

Information and evidence will prove Mr. Estep’s motive in providing false information to Trooper Brewer and the Ritchie Co. Prosecutor’s Office is for the purpose of gaining a favorable plea in the crimes he solely and personally committed himself while strung-out on drugs.

Current talk throughout Ritchie County places Mr. Steven Jones in the same arena as ex-Mingo County Prosecutor Michael Sparks. You can find nearly all the facts about that corruption case by performing a web search with the key words; Mingo County WV Corruption. About every article that comes up on the search will closely resemble a case right here in Ritchie County, WV and or describe similar law violations or unjust acts being committed by Ritchie County Officials. Here is part of the Michael Sparks story:

MINGO COUNTY, W.Va. — Former Mingo County Prosecutor Michael Sparks was disbarred by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. This came just days after he was charged in a corruption case and resigned from office.

Federal Prosecutors say he took part in a scheme to protect the late Mingo Sheriff Eugene Crum’s reputation by giving a drug supplier a more favorable plea deal.

The Supreme Court ruled that Sparks cannot even try to get his law license back for at least five years.

It is believed that Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones is involved in a corruption scheme to protect the reputation of the West Virginia State Police, specifically, Cpl. Jason L. Brewer by giving a convicted felon, William Willis Estep II a very favorable plea deal of Probation to encourage Mr. Estep to continue his false statement against Wine and Richards.

(The Plea Agreement) offered to Mr. William Willis Estep II by Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones will be provided right here on the RitchieRailRoad website in a PDF File. You can view PDFs on virtually any platform, including Windows®, Mac OS, and mobile platforms including Android™ and iOS for iPhone and iPad. Once we Post the Plea Agreement we will provide a clickable link to the Plea Document in its entirety.

Since we are, and have been speaking about Mr. Estep, here is some information about other crimes Mr. Estep committed in the recent past. Published in The Times West Virginia:

The William Willis Estep II burglary case. – – Trail of extension cords cracks case of stolen television by Ashley B. Craig; The Times West Virginian – CHARLESTON — Deputies who were investigating a woman’s stolen television followed a trail of extension cords to solve the crime. The cords led to an adjacent apartment, where the investigators recovered not just the TV but also a washing machine that had been taken several days earlier. It happened Tuesday morning when Kanawha Deputy A.R. Gordon and Cpl. B.E. Borchers were dispatched to a Lewis Street home in Chelyan to investigate a burglary complaint. Gordon arrived and spoke with Laura Stanley and her daughter Barbra Chapman. Chapman told the deputy that someone got into her mother’s home and took the television and other possessions, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court. Chapman told Gordon that there were several extension cords plugged into the wall leading out of the window to an apartment behind Stanley’s home, the complaint stated. Gordon and Borchers followed the cords to the apartment and noted that they went under the front door of the home, deputies say. The deputies knocked on the door several times and were finally greeted by William Willis Estep II, of Lewis Street. Deputies say when Estep opened the door they saw the television sitting on a stand inside the home. Estep admitted that he had taken the television. The complaint stated. Estep also told the deputies that he had taken Stanley’s washing machine and had been hiding it in his basement since he entered her home through the basement side door several days earlier, according to the complaint. Estep said he’d been in the home on three separate occasions. Estep was arrested and charged with burglary.

Mr. Estep gave police details of the crime that only the perpetrator would know.

Mr. Estep was caught Red-Handed in the aforementioned crime where he burglarized an elderly women’s home on three (3) separate occasions. In that case Mr. Estep also tried reporting other individuals for committing crimes even going as far as reporting someone for false crimes. That case is very similar to the current two cases in Ritchie County where Mr. William Willis Estep has been arrested and indicted on 5 felony charges in Ritchie County, West Virginia.

This article to be continued as we are waiting for attorneys to file Motions and get dates set for a suppression hearing where very skilled case attorneys will have the opportunity to question State Police regarding case reports and other issues. Then the State Police impeachment process will begin. Also, we are obtaining Mr. Estep’s Probation Officer reports concerning Mr. Estep’s misconduct while on probation for additional crimes and evidence of Mr. Esteps serious drug addictions will be evident from numerous failed drug screen reports etc. These reports will be requested from both Wood and Kanawha County Probation Departments.

Until then, you can find other trustworthy news articles by looking on the left of this page and clicking on websites under Blog Roll.

Respectfully submitted,

Ritchie Investigation Team – along with Core Members of the RitchieRailRoad website.