Donut King, Ronald James Gordon Sr., the Child Molesting Cop and Internet Blogging in Small Towns

Anyone remember the time that internet blogging burst into the homes of folks in small towns like Grantsville, Glenville, Harrisville, Smithville and Arnoldsburg etc.

Remember the imaginary Newsletter/Blog; “The Lone Meth Ranger” which was one of the first Blogs to hit the living rooms of innocent folks who were trying to figure out if the local detachment of the West Virginia State Police and the Grantsville Chief of Police were indeed corrupt as was being printed on The Lone Meth Ranger Site. And of course other Websites or again Blogs such as Calhoun Underground and the Crooked County Crooks (CCC) seemed to be supporting each other’s personal views or were at least respecting their voice to be heard.

Folks were reading stories printed on The Lone Meth Ranger Blog about the Grantsville Chief of Police, Ronald James Gordon Sr. being a “Rogue Cop” yes, a man filled with bad intent and corruption.

One of the online newsletters in the area at the time was The Hur Herald whose Editor was claiming The Lone Meth Ranger was printing innuendo and false information about the local State Police and the Grantsville Police Chief. Well, maybe Sir Bob!

However, The Lone Meth Ranger’s Editor Johnny Richards, yes ME, soon sought help from a secret ally who wishes to remain anonymous still today, and soon internal affairs officers were investigating the Donut King, Ronald James Gordon Sr. and State Police were investigating one of their very own as well, and that person, Trooper C. J. Ellyson was removed from the State Police Force and of course the Donut King went to Prison for nearly Ten (10) years for crimes The Lone Meth Ranger had reported on and Johnny’s reports turned out to be not innuendo or exaggerations but truth and facts of child sexual assault committed by Grantsville’s very own Chief of Police.

It has been reported to me by Convicts who served time in some of the same prisons as the Donut King that the Donut King got his Donut Hole busted on more than one occasion during his time in prison. One will never think of a cream filled donut the same every again. I like to think of it as Mr. Gordon TAKING-IT for the Rogue Cop Team he once hung with.

Yes, I still like to pretend I am a journalist. I know I cannot write, but I still try to inform and entertain the good folks who read my article’s. Yes, maybe I spout a bit of propaganda and yes, innuendo from time to time. But, I like to think I employ “Satire” in my writings which is a technique to expose and criticize foolishness and corruption of let’s say a Rogue Prosecutor and or State Police Troopers who conspired to dream up false evidence of crime and were caught.

I recently spent over three (3) years employing Satire to point at the dishonesty and silliness of a Rogue Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones, a bad Judge, Timothy L. Sweeney and two State Troopers, Jason L. Brewer and Clinton Edward Boring who were involved in a scheme to make it appear that more than one person, William Willis Estep II, who was the sole person who raided the Harrisville State Police Headquarters crack shack or evidence room.

Yes, I criticize them by ridiculing them, but their own evidence and misconduct proved they were lawless and Rogue Officials. The State Police Security Video and grand jury transcripts busted their Donut…

Maybe “The Lone Meth Ranger Blog” was indeed imaginary, or maybe it was phony. One thing for sure, The Lone Meth Ranger cooked up a batch of chaos and confusion that peacefully and smoothly smacked the Rogue Official right in the kisser.

Of course, there will be more writings forthcoming, until then, peace and build friendships and true allies for the future fight against the Rogue Official.