West Virginia State Police Fiddle Player Back in Jail

by Anonymous anonymous

The Investigation regarding the 2012 Burglary of the Harrisville State Police Evidence Room is complete: The Ritchie County Investigation Team has found beyond a shadow of a doubt that William Willis Estep II, “Billy” played Ritchie County Officials like a Fiddle and received a binding plea of probation on crimes he solely committed himself.

According to information that was received from the State in the discovery process, Billy admitted to Ritchie County Authorities that he committed more than a dozen serious felony crimes throughout a multi county area.

Kim Jacobs, Billy’s mother-in-law was mad at Billy for kicking her out of his Wood County Apartment. Kim, in return ratted on Billy for breaking into the Harrisville State Police Evidence Room and stealing drugs which went to support not only himself, but Brandy and Kim Jacobs drug addictions as well.

The Investigation also turned up hard evidence that Billy and the two Jacobs women had a little felony crime ring going on adjacent from Billy’s personal one man crime spree and their illegal activity left a paper trail to prove it. But, don’t worry… Billy already negotiated his plea deal which was approved by panic stricken Ritchie Officials as they were hurried with trying to cover up their own corruption for allegedly stealing evidence from their own evidence room.

But, hang on folks as Billy’s plea agreement has no language stating that Billy cannot be prosecuted for criminal acts either currently known or unknown to the State of West Virginia.

Billy is currently incarcerated in the Protective Custody Unit at North Central Regional Jail in Doddridge County. Billy’s Ritchie County Probation Officer filed a Motion with the Court to revoke Billy’s Ritchie County probation due to the new Domestic Battery charge and failed drug screens he recently received while on probation.

This present incarceration has caused Billy’s eyebrows to move together and he is focused. Folks who know Billy know as they are reading this article that Billy has jumped up on his Jail Bunk and is playing his Fiddle hard as Billy plans to beat the new domestic battery charge in Fayette County and has confidence that his plea agreement to provided false testimony to cover-up wrongful arrest and Official Corruption in Ritchie County Circuit Court will continued to keep him out of prison.

Steven A. Jones, Ritchie County Prosecutor cannot ask the Court to revoke Billy’s probation as Billy could be sent to prison and the corrupt officials plan to cover up the wrongful arrest and misconduct is over. Of course their scheme backfired over two years ago when arresting the innocent. Ritchie County Officials have found out that William “Billy” Estep is a professional Fiddle Player not a dumb Hill-Billy as he portrayed.