Ethics Violations Mounting against Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones

The RitchieRailRoad website would like to thank Johnny Richards for allowing us to steal and print another post from his Facebook Page!grand+jury+for+web

Ethics Complaint being investigated by Office of Disciplinary Counsel

Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones has been notified of Ethics Investigation. Jones has been served with a Notice of Investigation by the West Virginia Ethics Commission in response to a complaint filed by Johnny Richards.

As the primary source of evidence against Prosecutor Jones, Richards has cited several current court cases on file at the Ritchie County Circuit Clerks Office.

Richards has also turned over several e-mail correspondences from a St. Marys Attorney that proves serious ethics violations against the Ritchie County Prosecutor.

On March 2, 2015, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel by letter has requested more information from Mr. Richards on certain subjects. Therefore, Mr. Richards is taking steps to amend his originally filed complaint and also present further evidence which proves ethics violations against Prosecutor Steven A. Jones.

Due Process Rights were violated by Prosecutor Jones and the Prosecutor also violated the Due Process Rights of several Defendants in an attempt to induce false statement and or perjury. Prosecutor Jones withheld case evidence collected by Trooper Jason L. Brewer, and has also been caught inducing perjured testimony from Trooper Brewer in another Ritchie County Court Case.

There has been a clear attempt to operate with the appearance of impropriety in the Judicial System in Ritchie County, West Virginia, as both Prosecutor Jones and Judge Timothy L. Sweeney have decided not to avoid the appearance of impropriety by deciding for themselves if anyone did anything wrong in their little group regarding the perjury committed by Trooper Jason L. Brewer and of course Prosecutor Jones who had information available to him indicating Trooper Brewer was lying to a Grand Jury but chose not to do anything about the perjury even after an indictment was secured against David Weekley in a Ritchie County Court Case where the perjury took place.

Judge Sweeney gave the appearance of impropriety by deciding that Prosecutor Jones did nothing wrong and Prosecutor Jones gave the appearance of impropriety by deciding that Trooper Jason Brewer did nothing wrong. Horse Pucky!

These officials cannot be trusted to police themselves. It is clear that a special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate both Prosecutor Jones and Trooper Brewer to determine if they should be prosecuted for law violations regarding their knowledge and or involvement in the perjury.