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Proven Self Reported Criminal, William Willis Estep II Gets Spectacular Plea Bargain in exchange to Test-Ta-Lie in the Harrisville State Police Burglary Case.

As promised in an earlier article on the RitchieRailRoad Website we are providing the Spectacular Plea Bargain between the State of West Virginia and William Willis Estep II.

 The Ritchie County Prosecutor’s Office has released the terms of a plea agreement between the State and Mr. William Willis Estep II regarding the Harrisville State Police Detachment being allegedly burglarized back in October 2012.

Rather than us giving you folk’s written statements about the Spectacular Plea Bargain or just our thoughts on the Plea Bargain, the Ritchie County Investigation Team that has been working to uncover Judicial Corruption in Ritchie County has unanimously requested that the RitchieRailRoad Post a Digital Copy of the Plea Agreement in its entirety. Therefore, the Digital Copy of the Plea Agreement is as follows:




Members of both the RitchieRailRoad Staff and the Ritchie County Investigation Team (17 individuals’ total) all feel the Plea Agreement signed on September 25, 2013 by Prosecutor Steven A. Jones, Attorney Jay Gerber and Defendant William Willis Estep II was executed with Malicious Intent and Bad Faith.

Mr. Estep seemed to have been caught red handed. However, upon evidence of crime being found and seized in Mr. Estep’s apartment during a police search shortly after the Harrisville State Police burglary, Mr. Estep made incriminating statements of not only the State Police Burglary but numerous other alleged self reported crimes during Two and 1/2 hours of questioning after police placed Mr. Estep in custody but prior to any Miranda warning being issued by State Police to Mr. Estep.

Video Evidence show Mr. Estep being placed in custody shortly before 10:00 p.m. and being questioned before the police documented Miranda Rights Form was signed by Mr. Estep at 12:38 a.m.

Information in the above two paragraphs is additional evidence that the Ritchie County Prosecuting Attorney has been acting with Malicious Intent and Bad Faith from the day he took over the case from ex-Ritchie County Prosecutor Judi McCullough.

Documents provided through discovery give clear evidence that Prosecutor Jones and the West Virginia State Police are acting in Bad Faith for refusing to arrest William Willis Estep for all the self reported felony crime he claims to have committed. Mr. Estep is clearly a “Blamer” who is trying to avoid facing serious ramifications for his lone criminal actions by pointing the finger at other persons who State Police want convicted.

* * There has been a sentence edited or removed HERE on this line. – – editors

It is calculated from Court Documents that Mr. Estep has allegedly committed at least 15 Felony Crimes. Anyone who would possibly be facing so much time in prison even if innocent would gladly accept the Bad Faith Plea Agreement which is indeed a spectacular agreement only allowing Ritchie County Judge, Timothy L. Sweeney to sentence Mr. Estep to Probation in exchange for Test-ta-lying in the case.

Here are Six (6) Special Investigation Notes from The Ritchie County Investigation Team.

1. When Mr. Estep was first questioned by State Police during the beginning of the Search of Mr. Estep’s apartment, Mr. Estep denied knowing anything about the Break-in at the Harrisville State Police Detachment or any other crime.

2. When State Police turned up evidence of crime during the search of Mr. Estep’s apartment Mr. Estep knew his lone crime spree was over. Mr. Estep must have been feeling that he was going to jail for a long time if he did not think of something fast. At that time, State Trooper Jason L. Brewer allegedly informed Mr. Estep that he would make sure he gets out of jail on a very low bond if he would implicate Richards and Wine in the Break-In. Mr. Estep was subsequently released on a very low Bond of $15,000 considering he had previously been convicted of the Felony Offense of Burglarizing an elderly lady’s home on three separate occasions in the recent past.

3. Through investigations and review of Court Documents along with word of mouth Trooper Brewer allegedly wanted Mr. Estep to wrongfully implicate John Richards as Mr. Richards had previously worked with a Prosecutor in shedding light on misconduct committed by members of the West Virginia State Police. Two of the WV State Troopers that Mr. Richards gave information on was Trooper Doug P. Starcher and Trooper C. J. Ellyson. Both Troopers appeared to have been idolized by Trooper Jason Brewer. Trooper Ellyson while acting as Detachment commander at the Calhoun Barracks claimed he thought evidence in a criminal case was trash and threw it away. However, Richards produced evidence to the contrary to State Investigators. Richards has since been wrongfully arrested by the West Virginia State Police on numerous bogus charges all of which resulted in Richards being found not guilty by a Chief Circuit Court Judge, a Magistrate also found Mr. Richards not guilty of bogus State Police charges. Other charges were dismissed by Magistrates and even an honest Prosecutor weight in on a wrongful arrest by dismissing charges against Richards on yet further trumped up charges filed against Richards by the West Virginia State Police agency.

4. Word of mouth also seems to reveal that Trooper Jason Brewer wanted Estep to falsely implicate David Wine, just to show Richards he had the power to arrest any of his friends. It is reported that Trooper Jason Brewer caused the arrest of Mr. Wine due to suffering from the mentality of, “Because I Can”.

5. Upon Trooper Jason Brewer securing the coerced false statement from Mr. Estep, Trooper Brewer obtained arrest warrants on all three individuals. Even though there was no corroborating evidence to tie Richards or Wine to any crime and the fact that it was clear that Mr. Estep was misrepresenting the facts of his very own one man crime spree. Richards and Wine was incarcerated on a $100,000 dollar bond each. Both Richards and Wine have pleaded not guilty to all charges and have requested the false charges be dismissed or be provided with a Jury Trial at the earliest possible date.

6. The Plea Agreement posted in this article is actually the second Plea Agreement Mr. William Willis Estep II entered into. The first plea agreement which included releasing Mr. Estep on a low bond and providing him with a plea to serve very little time. However, Mr. Estep backed out on that plea to provide false testimony on Mr. Richards and Mr. Wine. Shortly thereafter the Ritchie County Prosecuting Attorney had Mr. Estep incarcerated in order to coerce and force Mr. Estep to once again be on hand to Test-Ta-Lie in the case. After, sitting in Jail for a couple of weeks, Mr. Estep once again agreed to falsely blame John and Dave if he was released from Jail.

So here you have it folks. You have Mr. William Willis Estep II who said he knew nothing about any crimes… Then claiming maybe he did know something about numerous crimes… Then being released from Jail… Then again maybe he knew nothing about any crime… Then again being placed in Jail… Then after sitting in Jail Mr. Estep’s memory came back to him and he once again knew about crime… The only thing Mr. Estep truly knows is he is a one man crime spree who is willing to provide false testimony as directed by Rogue Ritchie County Officials in order to try and save his neck.


Ritchie County Prosecutor willfully and maliciously exercised Bad Faith in the Harrisville State Police Burglary Sham.

Core Members of the Ritchie County Corruption Investigation Team reserved a section of the Outback® Steak House in Bridgeport, WV to conduct their bi-weekly meeting on April 25, 2014.

A somewhat heated topic of discussion lead to a motion by several members to have a Staff Writer for the RitchieRailRoad website to prepared an article on Ritchie County Prosecutor misconduct regarding the West Virginia State Police Burglary Case.

Just today a draft of the article was electronically distributed to all core members for their review and input. The article will be published right here on the RitchieRailRoad and other area Truth Blogs which will further inform the public of the wrongful arrest brought about by a Prosecutor who was willfully and maliciously exercising Bad Faith the Case.

Also, our allies have secured additional evidence concerning Malicious Intent by the Prosecutor’s Office in the form of a Plea Agreement between the State and Mr. William Willis Estep II for his agreement to test-ta-lie in the State Police Burglary Case. Mr. Estep is not a RAT nor a Truthful Informant, but rather Mr. William Willis Estep II is a “Blamer” that’s right, Mr. Estep relieved himself of over a dozen Felony Charges by Blaming/Claiming and Agreeing to test-ta-lie in the State Police Burglary Case. Read the spectacular plea agreement which will be posted this Sunday evening, April 27, 2014.


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