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Ritchie County Grand Jury

Ritchie County West Virginia Grand Jury, West Virginia State Police, Judge Timothy L. Sweeney, Steven A. Jones, Trooper Jason L. Brewer, Trooper Clinton Edward Boring, M. Paul Marteney, Carl P. Bryant, Judicial Corruption, Attorney Misconduct, WV State Police Misconduct.

Recently two Green Shirts have gotten away with lying to the Ritchie County grand jury… Criminal Perjury. It is time to take a stand against the Rogue cops. Let the stand start now. Write the US Attorney’s Office and file a complaint. Here is the address:

Correspondence to the Office may be sent to:

United States Attorney’s Office
555 4th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20530

Also, phone numbers are listed here:

U.S. Attorney’s Office – Main Line: 202-252-7566

U.S. Attorney’s Office – TTD Line: 202-514-7558

Victim Witness Assistance: 202-252-7130



Community Prosecution

1D Community Prosecution: 202-729-3718
2D Community Prosecution: 202-715-7374
3D Community Prosecution: 202-671-1892
4D Community Prosecution: 202-715-7415
5D Community Prosecution: 202-698-0145
6D Community Prosecution: 202-698-0825
7D Community Prosecution: 202-698-1452