G-LtE™: Charges Dismissed

New information has surfaced in the case since the wrongful charges were dismissed against Mr. Wine and Mr. Richards. That being Mr. Estep the sole burglary culprit entered the Harrisville State Police headquarters through a back window after pulling the buildings electric meter from the meter socket and causing the power to be cut from the security surveillance system. Once Mr. Estep was in the building he proceeded to search and located what he was looking for… “The Evidence Locker or Room.” Now, this is a very important part of the story Mr. Estep left out or was coerced to leave out of his false statement to Trooper Jason L. Brewer.
Turns out once Mr. Estep found the Evidence Room he could not breach the steal door which kept him from the drugs as he did not have any type of tool or crowbar with him to get him in the Room. Mr. Estep then left the Building and returned Wood County, where he knew a location of a garage that was unlocked that contained such tools, and also a change of shoes as he got his first set of shoes wet walking down thru a field after parking at the top of Ford Street.
Early the next morning on October 31, 2012, at approximately 1:45 a.m., Mr. Estep, returned to Harrisville State Police Headquarters and drove up to and parked at the front of the building near the front entrance as he had a plan to report a deer being hit and laying on the roadway to see if any troopers were in the building or had been there. There was a witness who reported that Mr. Estep had falsely gave statement blaming Wine and Richards as helpers to his burglary, but also told the witness that he was worried his story would be proven false as he was worried he was caught on security video driving up to and parking the stolen truck at the entrance of the building. However, Mr. Estep had personally cut power to the security surveillance system hours before during his first visit at 11:10 p.m. on October 30, 2012.
Richards felt Prosecutor Jones and Trooper Boring were withholding the security video as they were not releasing but only a small portion, 37 minutes of the security video total. However, the newly discovered evidence shows Mr. Estep did pullup to the front of the building and found no one had been there and with a much bigger crowbar Mr. Estep reentered the building through the same window he had breached prior with a small flat crowbar he talked about in his statement. This also gives reason as to why there was two different sets of shoe prints located outside and inside the building as Mr. Estep had changed his wet shoes when obtaining the larger crowbar from a friend’s garage.
Information in Mr. Estep’s statement he revealed that two bags of items were removed from the building, which indicates that there was only one sole perpetrator as Mr. Estep carried two bags one bag in each hand. Currently, Richards is hoping to get the Case back on the Ritchie County Circuit Court Docket when the Ritchie County grand jury meets for indictments on January 25, 2016. Richards states a stand must be made regarding the misconduct of perjury committed by Trooper Clinton Edward Boring and Trooper Jason L. Brewer both are from the Harrisville State Police Detachment. Misconduct is running wild at the Harrisville Detachment due to the poor leadership of the rogue detachment commander. Richards is bringing in, out of state attorneys to handle and rid the good folks of Ritchie County of the corrupt officials who are filling the halls of the Harrisville Court House with perjury and misconduct.

To be continued with more facts…

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

The Free Press WV

To: Gilmer Free Press

From: John M. Richards

RE: State of WV vs. John M. Richards and David Carl Wine Case(s) 13-F-7&9

Charges dismissed this morning November 10th, 2015 in two Ritchie County Felony Court Case(s) regarding Harrisville State Police B&E…

I am contacting you regarding a possible story regarding a systematic problem by the Ritchie County Prosecutors Office and Harrisville State Police conspiring to commit perjury and present other forms of false information to grand jury proceedings to gain wrongful indictments. This happen in at least two cases I know about, one being State vs. David Peter Weekley and the other case is mine and co-defendant David Carl Wine. I have a copy of a Legal Brief in David Weekley’s case which was prepared by a Ritchie County Attorney which outlines various forms of outrageous misconduct and grand jury perjury. Mr. Weekley’s original indictment was dismissed pursuant to perjury…

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