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The alleged October, 30th, 2012 Harrisville State Police Burglary filled with misconduct and perjury by Ritchie County Officials.

Updated Information:

Over Three (3) years after the arrests were made of three men in the Harrisville State Police Burglary, all charges were dismissed against two of the men.

David Wine and Johnny Richards had charges dismissed by Special Prosecutor M. Paul Marteney on November 10, 2015. The Special Prosecutor was assigned the case in June of 2015, by the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute after Richards’s uncovered misconduct by then, Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones and Harrisville State Trooper, Clinton Edward Boring. Thereafter, Richards personally filed ethics complaints against the Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones for numerous bouts of prosecutorial misconduct and violations of the rules of professional conduct.

On November 6th, 2015, a Motion to Dismiss Indictment was filed and the Motion clearly outlined criminal perjury presented to the Ritchie County grand jury by Trooper Clinton Edward Boring, the Special Prosecutor, had Judge Timothy L. Sweeney quickly sign an Order dismissing the case. Said dismissal was designed to deny a hearing on the Motion to Dismiss the Indictment filed personally by Defendant, Johnny Richards, Four (4) days prior to the actual dismissal was presented and signed by Judge Sweeney.

The rapid dismissal which is believed to have been scheme up by George J. Cosenza and Judge Timothy L. Sweeney, which again, was to protect, conceal and avoid the damaging information in the Motion to Dismiss Indictment, of felonious perjury presented in the Ritchie County grand jury by Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones and Trooper, Clinton Edward Boring where the duo conspired to maliciously obtain the wrongful indictment in the case.

A Judicial Investigation Complaint (JIC) was filed and received by the JIC early in November 2015 against Judge Timothy L. Sweeney. As well, a Lawyers Disciplinary Complaint is being prepared against Wood County Attorney, George J. Cosenza for various forms of misrepresentation, ethics violations and violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct. The alleged crimes and misconduct committed by Judge Sweeney and Attorney Cosenza were not only against the Defendant’s in the case, but the judicial system and the public trust has been violated.

Johnny Richards is making a Civil Rights Complaint with the United States Attorney’s Office and is alleging, Judge Timothy L. Sweeney was part of a scheme to cover-up the criminal perjury and prosecutorial misconduct in Ritchie County, West Virginia, Circuit Court Case, 13-F-7.

Dismissal a sham, sham, sham. Judge Timothy L. Sweeney Corrupt! Using his position as Judge to deny hearings on various Motions that would have revealed the criminal misconduct and perjury committed by Trooper Clinton Edward Boring and Prosecutor Steven A. Jones in Ritchie County Circuit Court case 13-F-7.

Wood County Attorney, George J. Cosenza involved with violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct in the case. One of the persons that was wrongfully arrest for the Harrisville State Police Burglary, Johnny Richards hired Wood County Attorney, George J. Cosenza for representation in the case. However, Richards found out you never hire an attorney that works the same Rogue Circuit of the wrongfully pending case. Johnny Richards quickly realized that George Cosenza was working with the Prosecution and State Police to cover-up their criminal misconduct of perjury in the case. George Cosenza was informed on May 28th, 2015 and several other dates of the various bouts of perjury presented to a grand jury by Trooper Clinton Edward Boring. Cosenza could have filed a motion to dismiss the Indictment due to the perjury and other forms of misconduct in the case. However, George Cosenza refused to file Motion to dismiss the indictment due to the perjury and even failed to report the misconduct of the Rogue Officials in the case. Talking about a Team player! George J. Cosenza is a crooked attorney, one of the worst Richards said he has every came across. “Cosenza will take your money and use the money to work with and cover up police misconduct and other forms of misconduct by the prosecution and the Judge.

The record reflects that Judge Timothy L. Sweeney conspired across the board to cover-up the misconduct of Prosecutor Steven A. Jones and Harrisville State Trooper, Clinton Edward Boring, and Judge Sweeney further failed to report the Official Misconduct and criminal law violations of Prosecutor Jones and Trooper Boring.

Richards has already taken steps to hold all officials involved in covering up the Civil Rights Violations accountable, and has documentation and audio recordings for review by the US Attorney’s Office – Criminal and Civil Rights Division.