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Three years ago today, the Harrisville State Police Headquarters in Ritchie County, West Virginia was found to have been burglarized when the detachment’s secretary reported to work at 8:00 a.m. on the morning of October 31, 2012 and discovered a back office window had been removed and the building’s Evidence Room had been breached.
Two weeks after the break-in three individuals were arrested for the crime. However, there was only one man that State Police were honestly able to collect evidence on that tied the man to the crime.

That one man was a convicted felon who was a previously convicted burglar, thief, known drug addict and con-man by the name of William Willis Estep II. What helped authorities partially solve the case was Mr. Estep’s mother-in-law, Kim Jacobs who is reported as being Mr. Estep accomplice in numerous crimes, were sharing the drugs that were reported as missing from the Harrisville State Police Evidence Room. However, the large amount of hard drugs including Meth, Bath Salts, etc. soon put the duo at each other’s throat and Mr. Estep being tweaked-out kicked Ms. Jacobs out of his Wood County apartment where they were held up since the burglary took place. Well, Ms. Jacobs did what every law abiding citizen would do after the drugs ran out and she was kicked out, and that was call the state police and report what she had knew for over two weeks, that being, Mr. Estep broke into the State Police Evidence Room.

Well, I must report that Mr. Estep gave a full confession and Mr. Estep impressed authorities by giving them information that only the perpetrator would have known. Mr. Estep did indeed give a confession, however the confession was self-serving and one that he had been contemplating since the burglary two weeks prior, he just did not know who to blame the crime on until Trooper Jason L. Brewer started questioning him and leaking bits of information that showed him that Trooper Brewer wanted John Richards and his friend David Wine charged with the crime as well.

Trooper Jason L. Brewer is the same Harrisville State Trooper that has been recently reported for committing perjury and other forms of criminal misconduct in the Ritchie County Circuit Court Case of David Peter Weekley where the original indictment in the Weekley case was dismissed pursuant to Trooper Brewer’s perjury to the grand jury. Later a Ritchie County Jury found Mr. Weekley not guilty of all charges that Trooper Brewer lodged against him.

Well, back to the he said she said BS… Mr. Estep knew Kim Jacobs could sink his butt in a jail cell for a long time, therefore, Mr. Estep did not want to place equal blame back on Ms. Jacobs and report her as his accomplice in the Harrisville State Police burglary as he knew she would give further information on other crime the two were involved with that truly had a solid paper trail of their criminal behavior, yes hard evidence not the he said, she said BS!

Trooper Jason L. Brewer was not happy with the story that one man burglarized his candy crack shack and coerced Mr. Estep to name two other individuals he wanted arrested and falsely blamed for participating in the crime. Well, I will admit Trooper Jason L. Brewer did concoct a great conspiracy in claiming that it took more than a smash and grab guy that Mr. Estep was known for in a multi county area to make the quick hit on the State Police Office.
Folks are scratching their head and are asking; how in the world did Mr. Estep and Ms. Jacobs pull the story off? It is quite simple folks, it took two Rogue Troopers to pull it off, along with one seriously twisted Prosecuting Attorney that being, Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones who has been removed from the case.
Of course a Magistrate was lied to which secured arrest warrants, a Ritchie County grand jury was flooded with prosecutorial misconduct and boat loads of perjury and misleading evidence was presented by a Sargent with the West Virginia State Police that prejudiced the grand jury’s decision to indict two of the innocent defendants.
More information will be released soon, of the Official Corruption in Ritchie County, West Virginia that involves bias and prejudicial actions or inactions by Judge Timothy L. Sweeney in the case…

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