Harrisville State Police Burglary Witness to be released from Jail very soon.

William Willis Estep II, Regardless of his prior Felony conviction a few years back, and Mr. Estep ridding himself of over a dozen felony charges with a spectacular plea agreement of probation that he convinced Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones to give him in exchange to test-ta-lie in the Harrisville State Police Burglary Case.

Yes, Mr. William Willis Estep II will be released back to probation status even after recently violating his probation with beating a woman in the face.

Mr. Estep still has the Domestic Battery Charge to deal with in Fayette County, West Virginia.

What a Job Mr. Estep, you are almost home free. With-out-a-doubt you have Ritchie County Officials in your pocket!

By the way Mr. Estep, when you take a Steven, don’t forget to wipe your Jones…