State witness in Harrisville State Police Burglary Case – Arrested 1-14-2015

New Jail PhotoBilly, William Willis Estep II currently has a little setback with the terms of his 5 year probation for a plea deal with Ritchie County Prosecutor, Steven A. Jones where Billy agreed to test-ta-lie in the Harrisville State Police Burglary and theft case, where the Judge, Timothy L. Sweeney could only sentence Billy to probation. Billy is a very smart man as he beat the System in Ritchie County where he was indicted on a five (5) felony count indictment. Billy with such a plea agreement placed himself in a situation where he can commit crimes short of murder and Ritchie County Officials have no choice but to reinstate Billy’s probation to keep Billy in a favorable light with his obligation to satisfy Prosecutor Jones for giving Billy the extraordinary plea. Billy a few years back beat the System in Kanawha County where he burglarized an elderly women’s home on three occasions stealing the women’s TV, Washing Machine and other valuables, but again Billy’s quick thinking put himself several steps ahead of the system when he took a plea for probation in that case. Billy is currently facing a probation revocation hearing in Ritchie County for his recent arrest of Battery in Fayette County for hitting a woman in the face and failing several drug screens while on his current probation. But don’t worry about Billy Estep as he has Prosecutor Steven A. Jones in his pocket.

One man crime spree, William Willis Estep II

Felon Billy