Posting a few comments received

In this article we are including just some recent comments received by the RitchieRailRoad.com website concerning the WV State Police, Trooper Brewer and Steven A. Jones regarding the Post: Information Wanted on West Virginia State Trooper Jason L. Brewer regarding the Criminal Acts of Perjury and other Crime
Anonymous # 5 > “Well that’s what happens when society allows the use of government sanctioned thugs!”
Anonymous # 9 > “We’ve investigated ourselves and we have come to the determination that we didn’t do anything wrong – West Virginia State Police.”
Anonymous # 12 > “Ritchie County Prosecutor Steven Jones made the decision not to charge Trooper Brewer for perjury swiftly and effectively Lol.”
Anonymous # 17 > “If there are any good police officers within the WVSP why aren’t they publicly speaking out about the crimes their colleagues are committing? They are JUST AS GUILTY by remaining silent. So to all police officers who like to claim that you are a good cop, unless you’re exposing corruption in your department, you’re just as bad as the cops who are breaking the law at will.”
Anonymous # 22 > “Because when you rat out a gang member they kill you for it.”
Anonymous # 27 > “We investigated ourselves… and we found we did nothing wrong.”
Anonymous # 32 > “They have been lying for years now their starting to get caught. We all know what’s gonna happen next!”
Anonymous # 46 > “Why is it that we don’t do something about the police investigating itself long before now?”
The identities of the commenters will remain anonymous and will only be posted as Anonymous to protect them from WV State Police harassment. Although we may not post every comment please continue providing you information of support and airing your opion on subject matter. Thanks!