Letter from the New RitchieRailRoad Editor (Anonymous)

by (Anonymous)


I know the ex-owner and Editor of the RitchieRailRoad.com website. I am pleased to be able to take over the Editorship of such a site with such a following of people who not only want to know the truth, but participate by contributing information to weed out Bad Cops and Official Corruption in the Ritchie County Area. I am however, unknown as being the Editor of this site to the ex-owner of this website, as I received the site’s administrator password through a third or fourth party. Therefore, I am like most of our contributors, “Anonymous”. And I will remain Anonymous until I am legally called upon to provide testimony under oath to a Federal Fact Finding Committee.

I assure the followers of this website I have no personal agenda and I have no enemies that I wish to use this site to harass, or bring about unjust arrest or criminal conviction. But, let it be known, I will work with our Federal Government to seek out wrong doers and provide any and all information, evidence and testimony regarding crimes of conspiracy and criminal intent committed by all individuals involved in the Bad Faith arrests and indictments of the innocent who were caught up in the Harrisville State Police Burglar Farce which was being used by Officials as propaganda for personal gain in an attempt to sway an election and or receive department promotions.

Let it also be known I have never had so much as a parking ticket. The ex-owner of this site, previous Editors, and public office Whistle Blowers along with the many other contributors  who have anonymously provided facts and evidence of crime committed by bad cops and other Officials involved in the Harrisville Burglary Sham (may) have retrieve and secured evidence illegally from state buildings and official e-mails that will bring the crime ring down. Enough said, time to get back to work.

This website will re-print all previous posts which are in the archives of the RitchieRailRoad website that Mr. Richards was asked to stop posting. None of posts will be marked as private any longer nor will any new posts be marked as private unless for the purpose of protecting the contributor from harassment or wrongful arrest from State Police. Information posted will provide information to the public but may hold back details that will only be provided to special officials who are let’s just say waiting to strike and make deals with persons who are low shelf on the Crime Ring. But hold on and pay close attention and see if you can see what office worker, cop, prosecutor past or present, attorney past or present , or Judge will spill the beans first for a get out of Jail free card.

No one forced any of the Public Officials to break the law, they chose to do that themselves they choose to play a foolish game of conspiracy “The Untouchables” we will see if they really are as they feel – Untouchable.