Written by the Ranger July 15, 2014

The “Ranger” has puzzled many folks for many years. Some folks claim hearing the stories or the Legend of the “Ranger”, The Lone Meth Ranger that is. But just what does the word (Ranger) mean? Ranger has nothing to do with a Texas Ranger or any Law Enforcement type of a so-called Ranger nor does the word Ranger have anything to do with a Sports Team or a Ford Ranger. In this case the word Ranger was created by me in 2005 when working with Team MET, (Meth Eradication Team) which was a Truly great group of professional friends and allies working to rid our community of the harmful pitfalls of a Drug called Meth. During the operation of The Lone Meth Ranger and Team MET there was not one single legitimate arrest or conviction regarding a Meth Lab in Calhoun County, and at that time the Cops in the area (West Virginia State Police) declared war on the Ranger and numerous arrests were made by the Green Shirts/Rogue Cops which polluted the lower ranks of the WVSP. The numerous bogus arrests of me resulted in no convictions as good honest Magistrates and at least two Circuit Court Judges and one Prosecutor dismissed all charges nearly Ten (10) in all. However the bogus arrests have not stopped as I was arrested yet again on November 15, 2012 by the Rogue Few of the West Virginia State Police. Definition of (Ranger) is simply a name I created by using the letter (R) from the word Rogue and then adding the word Anger thereby having the word (R-anger) as I and a lot of other folks had Anger with the Rogue Cops hiding behind a badge and calling themselves a West Virginia State Trooper. Believe me, I personally know a few good honest Trooper’s in the West Virginia State Police Organization, and I am a true believer that these good honest Trooper’s need to rid the Organization of the Rogue few which will restore integrity and faith in an awesome Organization we all know as “The West Virginia State Police”.