The West Virginia State Police Arrest of Two Men In The October, 2012 Burglary Of The Harrisville State Police Detachment – A Green Shirt Sham – State Police Witness a Clever One Man Crime Spree.

“The Blamer” the Real Life Story of William Willis Estep II – Part One

Ritchie Rail Road - Ritchie County West Virginia

The Ritchie County Prosecuting Attorney Mr. Steve A. Jones along with Circuit Judge Timothy L. Sweeney is believed to be working together to Cover-up West Virginia State Police corruption. Prosecutor Jones and Judge Sweeney are also believed to be assisting the West Virginia State Police, Trooper Jason L. Brewer and Criminal Defendant, Mr. William Willis EstepII to polish their fabricated story where they are claiming that two other people were involved with assisting and/or committing crimes with Mr. Estep to help support Mr. Estep’s drug habit.

Mr. Estepin one crime is reported to have broken into the State Police Detachment in Harrisville, Ritchie County, West Virginia to obtain drugs from the evidence locker. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. William Willis Estep II gave police details of crime that only the perpetrator would know.

Well Prosecutor that is right and Mr. Estep is the perpetrator that has the details of…

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