Ritchie County Prosecutor willfully and maliciously exercised Bad Faith in the Harrisville State Police Burglary Sham.

Core Members of the Ritchie County Corruption Investigation Team reserved a section of the Outback® Steak House in Bridgeport, WV to conduct their bi-weekly meeting on April 25, 2014.

A somewhat heated topic of discussion lead to a motion by several members to have a Staff Writer for the RitchieRailRoad website to prepared an article on Ritchie County Prosecutor misconduct regarding the West Virginia State Police Burglary Case.

Just today a draft of the article was electronically distributed to all core members for their review and input. The article will be published right here on the RitchieRailRoad and other area Truth Blogs which will further inform the public of the wrongful arrest brought about by a Prosecutor who was willfully and maliciously exercising Bad Faith the Case.

Also, our allies have secured additional evidence concerning Malicious Intent by the Prosecutor’s Office in the form of a Plea Agreement between the State and Mr. William Willis Estep II for his agreement to test-ta-lie in the State Police Burglary Case. Mr. Estep is not a RAT nor a Truthful Informant, but rather Mr. William Willis Estep II is a “Blamer” that’s right, Mr. Estep relieved himself of over a dozen Felony Charges by Blaming/Claiming and Agreeing to test-ta-lie in the State Police Burglary Case. Read the spectacular plea agreement which will be posted this Sunday evening, April 27, 2014.